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About me

Let me Introduce myself

A bit about me

Samia Elgallabi Sudanese Blogger ,Writer and Social Medai Specalist , founder Of Sudapedia Sudanese Free Encyclopedia and Around Sudan Project , Founder of Imprint Project in egypt and Khartoum , Writer of Dark and light Electronic Book , Scriptriter .I alwayes trying to Build this Place to be a place is worthy live .. Trying to buld New Sudan.

I believe that Sudan is full of knowledges and human resources, which deserves to be seen by the world and proud of it, I believe that Sudan is a source of ancient civilizations. And everything I do is to Reflect an beautiful Sudan worthy its beauty locally and globally ,and I am seeking in that field with confident steps without hesitation or interruption or despair.


Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Samia Elgallabi

Sudanese Blogger and Writer

Birthday: 5 nov 1988
Phone number: +(249) 914573100
Website: www.Aroundsudan.com
E-mail: samiagallabi20@gmail.com


Know more about my past


  • 2007-future

    Founder Of Quotes Pages On Facebook Contetn Writer

    I founded Alotof Pages On Social media platform Such as Facebook , Twitter and Blogger one of these pages is Quotes pages to encourge people to read and to inpire them to work , to love to learn how the greaters people are forgive people they are hurt them , these pages is divided to tow parts arabic Section and English one and content quotes to wvery arabic and none arabic writers and it's ful of fans and followers

  • 2010-2012

    Sudan News Agency @ writer and editor

    Worked in the Sudan News Agency for a period of two years, as an collaborator editor and writer , and it was a useful experience for me Which have gained a lot of experience and relationships.

  • 2012-2014

    Imprint Project @ Founder of Imprint

    I founded imprint voluntary project, which aims to spread the culture of reading and concern education issues, and that in several Arab countries, including Egypt and Khartoum.


  • 2005

    Khartoum University @Faculty of Art

    English language Department.

  • 2007-2014

    Online courses Xml - Html

    I studied many programming languages on educational sites on the Internet..

  • 2010-2011

    Kablan Instutute @ Chines language

    I studied Chinese language for a period of six months at the Kaplan Institute for languages, and That because I love a things that others imagene that It is a difficult things, and i found in Chinese language is a good language and I hope to complete it someday..

Skills & Things about me

Blogger Desiner
Xml & css
Content Writer
Ideas Maker
Singer and Poet
Blogger Creator


My latest projects

الخميس، 7 يوليو 2016

الذين تساقطوا

الذين تساقطوا ما كانوا هم أحبتك
الذين تساقطوا ما كانوا إلا وهمك الشديد
أنهم هم أحبتك ..

#سامية جلابي 
11:30 مساء 

الآخرينَ آخرينَ

و خيرٌ لكِ أن يظل الآخرينَ بمنزلةِ الآخرين
و خيرٌ لكِ أن تكونِي بلا أحدٍ ..
تماماً هكذا
غصناً منزوعاً مِن شجرة
شجرةٌ بلا ثمار
ثِمارٌ لا تُؤكل
و خيرٌ لكِ أن تظلِي ظِلاً
ظلاً يُظلكِ ..

هكذا بلا أحد
الآخرينَ آخرينَ
لا أقرب و لا أبعد
بينَ بينٍ بِمنطقةِ
اللا ضحك
و لا عتاب 

#سامية جلابي 

بداية أخرى

ربما هذه المدونة رقم 30 , أقوم بتصميمها 
و اعداد شكلها و لا أكتب فيها حرفاً واحـداً 
الكثير من المدونات القليل من الأحــــــرف
أتمنى أن تكون هذه المدون فاتحة خير على أيامي القادمة و أتمنى أن أكتب فيها بشكل يومي أو حتى إسبوعي المهم أن لا يتوقف العمل فيها , لا يهم ما نكتب , المهم أن نكتبه مهما يكن صغيراً و تافها و يبدوا أن لا قيمة فيه إلا أن من المهم أن ندون كل ما يمر بنا و هذا ما سأحاول فعله . تفاصيل تافهة أقوم بتدوينها لحظات فراغ  و أوقات مهدرة . 

أكتب لأحيا .

3:58 مساء


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Khartoum . Sudan

Phone number

+(249) 914573100